Connect Your Wi-Fi Devices Together With Amazon Echo

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Connect Your Wi-Fi Devices Together With Amazon Echo

You hear a lot about the Internet of Things revolutionising the way we live and our homes operate, but it still feels like that’s in the future, for most. However, the success of Amazon Echo means that you can now start to think about how you can link your appliances through your wifi router for much easier control. The Amazon Echo works by using an AI system called Alexa to listen to your voice commands. For example, do you want to find out how your favourite Football team is getting on? All you need to do is ask. If you want to listen to music, you can ask it to play you the song or a song by an artist and it’ll play it through the speakers built into the system. The same can be done if you attach other things to your network.


Echo is the first product that feels like it’s made the Internet of Things concept an affordable reality for many consumers. With certain brands of lighting, such as Phillips Smart Hue Lighting, you can now control the lights in a room by uttering a command that Echo will register and make the required changes. You can also get a wifi thermostat for you central heating that responds when you tell the Echo that the heating needs turning up because you’re cold. If you’ve seen Iron Man, it really is like having your own Jarvis. Sure, obtaining all of this equipment is still expensive, but it’s now more affordable than ever and the equipment is only going to get cheaper.


In the future, what’s stopping the AI in your fridge from recognising that you’ve run out of milk and ordering you more from your chosen grocer without any input from you at all. Or if your cupboards from scanning the ingredients they hold to present to you recipes they’ve downloaded from the internet, for Echo to then read to you as you create the meal. The possibilities are pretty much endless when all of your appliances become connected to the Internet of Things, and the introduction of Amazon Echo is truly exciting. You should definitely keep your ear out for any discounts or sales offered featuring this device.


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