What Exactly Can We Expect From Project Scorpio?

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What Exactly Can We Expect From Project Scorpio?

Exact details on Microsofts latest entry into the console arena are still being kept under tight wraps, but with the turn of the year many are already eagerly anticipating E3 2017 (June 13th-15th).

One of the biggest questions surrounding E3, and unfortunately one that very few can answer is, will there be any Project Scorpio announcements before E3? This would certainly be the best case scenario for gamers who would get access to these details sooner, and then hopefully at E3 the focus would be more on the games for Scorpio rather than the machine itself.

If all is to plan, we could be seeing a 2017 release for this console, after only 4 years since the 2013 launch of the xbox one. Not many would have predicted this after the 8 year wait between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Hype is definitely building around scorpio, and head of Xbox Phil Spencer will have fanned the flames himself recently by tweeting that he enjoyed playing his first games on an early scorpio unit with the games and console both looking great. The optimists out there will argue that the project must surely be on track for such an influential name at Microsoft to come out and say that.

Further to this Thomas Mahler, the game director of Ori and the Blind Forest posted to gaming forum NeoGAF stating that the machine is ‘a next-gen machine with the added benefit of old games being compatible’. The allure of back compatibility with current generation Xbox One games and also brand new games optimised for what he calls a new generation for the console are certain to make this an appeal to any console fan. One potential concern is that developers may not be able to fully optimise games for both generations, which may cause sub-par experiences for one or even both of Scorpio and Xbox One. E3 should hopefully shed some light on whether this will be the case as the latest games get revealed.

Mahler couldn’t resist a dig at Sony either, stating that the PS4 Pro is just a half-assed update. Even if people don’t believe that statement now, the arrival of Scorpio with its ‘true 4k gaming’ and much advertised 6 teraflops of graphical processing power will inevitably persuade the majority otherwise. The original website advertising of Scorpio has recently undertaken minor change however, no longer advertising ‘high fidelity VR’ as a feature, whether this should trigger anxiety however will have to wait. While VR might not be the biggest selling point for most console fans right now, the potential for new games with the technology cannot be denied. One thing most would be able to agree on however is that anything less than 4k gaming at a solid FPS would not signify the arrival of next gen gaming. PC players would obviously point out the obvious fact that PC’s are already more than capable of such feats.



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